Why do I share?

It took me months before I made a decision to share  with my  online community what I do.
Today I shared with my facebook friends about my mission which is:

To deliver a message of hope for those who are looking for ways to take control of their own health care with natural alternatives especially with type 2 diabetes, anxiety,depression, and attention deficit disorder.

I have learned, became close friends, and shared experiences with those that are diabetic. In the past, I thought I knew the answer to their challenges.  I have learned that this condition called diabetes is a bigger issue than I thought.
Some are on medications, some are on insulin, and some are on dialysis.  I see them go thru their discomfort of restless feet, neuropathy, itchy hands and feet, loss of energy after their dialysis treatment  and much more. 
Just recently,my friend who has been  on dialysis since 2006,  had his  finger amputated  because of an infection.  His resolve and upbeat atitude of gratitude amazed me.  He told me life is great. 
Sharing alternatives to medications has changed his life.  He has a new daughter less then a month old, that he looks forward to seeing  after his dialysis treatment. 

There are many alternatives to treatment, but primarily, it is about taking back control of your own health care.
Our essential oils for the people with diabetes  is only part of the steps to regain control of your own health.
I will be sharing more in future posts….