Sharing a business in Japan with essential oils

Sharing with others to give hope.

I have put much thought about this today.

I have been involved with many mlm businesses and at times I had hesitated to share what I had for many “correct”  reasons.  I am sure some of you have been there before.

Yet, when I had a traditional business and people asked, what do you do, I didn’t  hesitate to tell them.  Was it  because a  traditional business is to provide a service or product that someone needs or is looking for?  I believe it is.

If we build a networkmarketing  business, it has to be with the same intention.  You need to fill the needs of someones hope or desires.  People who are looking for hope or your service  will come looking for you.   Those of us who have had the opportunity to be in a traditional business  understand this.

The foundation of any solid long term business in our sharing of hope with our  products and services will lead to financial success.
Expansion of your business will come after you have  learned or established a system with your product and services.

You may say, people are looking for financial income.  That is true, and you need to share that.  In the traditional business arena, there will be people who will look at your products and services and ask how they can get started with a similar business.

Too often, new distributors in  networkmarketing will consciously or unconsciously ignore the basics of their business.  They assume that they are ready for the next step, expansion.  Expansion will work  for the new distributor, if the leadership has established a system for their  expansion which they call ” recruiting”.

The fundamentals has to be there for “true growth and expansion”

More to come…