After decades in the corporate world, in sales and telecommunications, I left my lucrative career to take care of my family. At the age of 47, I watched my wife become hollowed, and then pass away from cancer. After multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, my two young sons, our family and friends, and I stood around her bed and prayed as she moved on to the next world. In that moment, I knew my next career move would be one of healing, hope, and health for people who, like my wife, had been failed by Western Medicine.

For over a decade, I have supplied clients with herbs, essential oils, and natural supplements that provide unprecedented wellness, vitality, and healing. I empower my clients to obtain information on holistic alternatives and natural remedies and then we work together to create the natural solutions that replace prescriptions and over the counter drugs to help with pain, asthma, arthritis, seizures, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and much more.

I dedicate my work to my cousin Yoshiaki Keruma, who passed away in December of 2010, and others, who has inspired me with their courage and tenacity to live for tomorrow, one day at a time.

I was born in Okinawa and lived there till I was 17 years old at which time my father retired from the United States Department of Defense, and we moved stateside. Many years later, I visited my cousins but had just missed Yoshiaki (Aki) as, at the young age of 48, he had a heart attack and was suddenly no longer with us. It was then, and with another voyage to Japan, that my mission of healing through alternative therapies became a reality as I sought out the highest quality, most effective treatments available.

My friend had benefits from these therapeutic modalities as his diagnosis of diabetes continues to claim life and limb. Through a combination of natural and alternative lifestyle therapies and Western medicine, he is grateful to be alive to be with his daughter and family and is hopeful for holistic, alternative treatments that are extending not only the quantity but quality of his remaining years.

For my late wife, my two incredible sons, my dear Aki, and inspiring friends, I’m determined to spread the word and put these amazing alternative healing modalities in the hands of the people who need them most. Whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional illness, the products I’ve carefully chosen to represent are safe, effective, and can provide hope where there once was none.